Private Coaching

Are You Ready For Change? No Matter what It comes down to, Life can bring challenges and sometimes with those challenges hard times can follow taking a toll on Life as you know it.  It can effect your relationships, your career and your confidence. If you are consistently holding yourself back and it is limiting you from achieving what matters to you the most.  Let Experience and Understanding help you through the process. Processes to help you zero in and pin point things that keep you from  making a positive actionable plan that would allow you to move forward towards your desired goals. Learn to move forward and transform your life and mindset Now.

Career, Work, Business

Pursue or improve career Goals, Business Transformations by developing a new Mindset.  Build confidence in your work.  You may need help in development and structuring new goals.

Personal Development

Confidence, Improvements ,Self worth, Discovering your True Potential, Realization of your Dreams, Understand &  Discover  your Honest Inner Intentions.

Emotional, Physical Well-Being

Help with Stress, Anxiety, Sleep Deprivation, Weight-Loss, Pain, Headaches, Chronic Health Issues

Relationships and People

Communication, Love, Intimacy, Honesty, Focus, How to understand and speak to your partner

3 month package

Made for the person that Needs that Uplifting Support in there Life and seeking that Next step to opportunity and increase prosperity. This package focuses on you and how to reset your mindset and put you in the right place for your personal success and happiness. We start off with one 60-minute session, followed by 5 private Skype or Facetime Coaching Sessions all on a bi-weekly time frame with e-mail support and private Face Book Group Page. We will always start out with a 12 minute Meditation session Followed by a 45 minute 1 on 1 for each of the 5 bi-weekly sessions.

Breaking Through To You.

90 minute breaking through to you session getting right into your specific needs focusing on your next move, decision or guidance to overcome a task and prepare or resolve the issue and face it.